Blue Monday Girls

What November & December Mean For The Blue Monday Team

November and December are always undoubtedly our busiest months of the year. With so many awards ceremonies and lots of Christmas parties on, the Blue Monday stamina is definitely put to the test. Months of planning all lead up to 6 weeks of madness for us but each year we manage to pull it off with the Blue Monday sparkle added on top. Here’s all the reasons why it’s going to be so busy for us…


The Proclaimers have nothing on us with their 500 miles. Between Nottingham, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool the Blue Monday-Mobiles are going to be doing around 9000 miles in the space of 6 weeks this season. That’s the equivalent of going from Lands End to John O Groats ten times! Having said that, we do love some of the 1am van chats that occur out of tiredness; it’s what makes us such a close-knit team!

Customer Volume

No, we’re not talking about how loud it gets, we’re talking about sheer numbers of people we’ll encounter this year. Want to take a guess? …

If you’ve guessed over 50,000 you’re close-ish. We’ll be dealing with around 80,000 event attendees these next couple of months. That’s a ginormous number and slightly daunting, but we love a good challenge!

Number of Events

In the space of 6 weeks we have 78 events that we’ll be providing services at. That’s nearly an average of 2 events per day! But don’t worry, we’re all planned for it. We have a fantastic network of staff that’ll be flying the Blue Monday flag across the UK, then at the end of it all, we all meet up and drink a little bit too much prosecco.

Number of Auctions

Within those 78 events we will have 43 Silent Auctions to go and fundraise at. Christmas is always a good time for raising money for charity as everyone is feeling so generous in the season of goodwill. So dig deep guys and get yourself or your loved ones a great Christmas present whilst you’re at it!

Despite all of the numbers being a little bit scary, we do secretly love this party season. It keeps us busy, we’re all out doing what we do best, it brings us closer together and at the end of it all we get to look back on a job well done. Wish us luck, send us your thoughts and prayers and we shall see you on the other side!