Wearable Events

As society advances and breakthroughs in AI (artificial intelligence) surface, we are beginning to see the rise in technology creeping into our day-to-day events. It’s more than likely that you have been; ‘scanned’ into an event, ‘beeped’ through a turnstile or taken part in a live streaming via social media.

When technology is used correctly, it is possible to integrate it into an event with ease and it adds great value. For example: used at conferences and business events, it allows organisers to track, gather and collect attendee’s data. This data then becomes invaluable for keeping an eye on any emerging or marketing trends.

Fundraising Events

Furthermore, a great example of how technology is now assumed is within Fundraising. Silent and Live Auctions have been a staple go-to for companies when raising much needed funds for Charity. Competitors offering tech-only Silent Auctions will argue that this solution provides the best results. However, with 15 years of experience and the ability to offer either option (paper or tech) it has become obvious to Blue Monday Silent Auctions that this is far from the truth.

Undoubtedly, there are certain events where ‘tech’ is the right route to go, but there are many more scenarios where the fundraising solution needs to be considered far more carefully as ultimately this will enable a greater number of attendees to feel engaged.

Is it fair to argue that due to the steep incline of technology featuring at large scale events, the requirement from Clients is apparent and assumed?

This is an exciting time for the Events world and at present it appears technology is only going to amaze us time and time again!