The Blue Monday team

Expertise from the BM team

The BM Team are strong believers in sharing their wealth and wisdom, not only with each other, but with our clients too. We each have our own strengths and so we thought we’d share it with the world! Here’s some wisdom direct from the Blue Monday team…

Danielle on taking risks.

Danielle“I love a good Richard Branson quote and this is one of my favourites; ‘You can’t run a business without taking risks. The brave may not live forever but the cautious don’t live at all!’ Risk-taking is a toughie because risks can make or break a company, but if the risk you’re taking has been well thought out and is backed up by a precise strategy, as well as enthusiasm and belief from all involved, I think you’re already onto a winner.”

“As one of the creative members of the Blue Monday team, I’m regularly coming up with new ideas and discussing them with the team to see if it’s worth the risk or not. The biggest risk we’ve taken recently is our re-brand. And boy, did that take some persuasion, but I truly believe we made the right decision and I am very proud of what we’ve achieved. The key to risk-taking is to know what will work and what won’t and the only way to figure that out (unless you have a time-machine) is to try and foresee all potential outcomes. It takes time and lots of planning, but my hero Branson didn’t build his empire overnight did he?”

Alice on keeping your cool.

Alice“With the position of Events Manager ranked as “the 6th most stressful job” it’s easy to stand back and see why.  Keeping your cool under pressure is a must, losing your head causes disasters! Pre-planning is essential, if you’ve planned for every scenario and thought about everything that could go wrong, you’re winning.

Always expect the unexpected and remain professional throughout. No matter how much you plan you can’t predict when a power cut might kick your lights in a marquee at midnight in the middle of a field, or your toilets might get blocked and flood the bathroom. Always show authority and control over the situation, your client does not want to see you flapping and panicking!

Remember to keep a smile on your face and don’t lose your sense of humour. Take control and don’t dither! Every problem has a solution. There’s a lot of pressure on Event Managers whether we’re looking after 10 or 10,000 guests we want every one of them to have a great time and that’s where we get our kicks! Happy clients make for happy Event Managers.

At the end of the day those that choose to work in this industry love the adrenaline rush from problems arising and getting them solved! It is always the manner in which we deal with problems that leave their mark and in turn our legacy.”

Rory on Loyalty.

Rory“If Hard Work is the bricks that has enabled Blue Monday to grow then Loyalty is the foundations upon which it stands. Loyalty is an ethos that runs through the entire business, both to our Colleagues and our Clients and consequently when we are required to go the extra mile and perhaps sacrifice profit to create that all important extra Wow!, it is something we do without question.

People deal with people, and people value Loyalty!”

Wendy on going the extra mile.

Wendy“Here at Blue Monday, our clients buy into us as a team. We totally embrace all client values and enrich them with some BM expertise and flare. With that comes trust and friendships. All our clients are totally unique and as such our ability to go the extra mile for them is only possible due to a close relationship.

I remember us once turning up for an event to run an auction where the organiser had been totally let down by her suppliers. Our wonderful girls set up our auction quickly so that we could run in and help with the bar. We split into teams, with some running the auction and others helping the client fix the bar issues, which included running down the road every 5 mins to top up the jugs of water for the tables! The auction and the event was a total success and we ended up raising lots of money for the charity all whilst half of our team helped tie a few loose ends on the event side. There is no way that any event in which Blue Monday are in attendance will fail and all of our clients know this.”

Rosie on Brand.

Rosie“One of the best explanations of brand is that it’s simply a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company. This will differ from one person to the next and highlights the truth that brand is not what a company thinks of it’s self, but what other people think of it. If a company is able to convince enough people to feel the same way about them, then they can be said to have a brand. Good branding is always honest and a true reflection of an organisation’s values. The opposite of good branding is not bad branding, but indifference to a brand, which is a reaction most companies want to avoid.”

“Blue Monday Events have embarked on a soul-baring journey of self-discovery. Team time has been devoted to extracting the core values that thrive amongst the team and drawing big thick lines under what makes them different. As with any Blue Monday group activity, a large amount of hearty banter has framed all creative brainstorming sessions, highlighting ‘fun’ as a true company value. Understanding how to bridge the gap between what they are and what people think they are is the bus they are currently riding. The route won’t be flat and they might circle the roundabout more than once but the destination will be worth it as Blue Monday launch their story.”

Nancy on client relationships.

nancy“Good client relationships are essential to the present and future success of so many businesses.  At Blue Monday we understand client relationships are so much more than schmoozing and long lunches.  Respect, understanding, and commitment are all essential elements as well as a good dose of creativity to help navigate around the bumps in the road, which naturally are part of any client’s journey.

Let’s be real, it’s not always plain sailing, but the real test comes when things get tough – this is when a strong client relationship matters most.  We believe the foundations of trust, commitment and respect creates a culture between us and them that enables quick solutions to challenges. Many of our clients at Blue Monday have been with us since the beginning.  Our loyalty to them has been proved time and time again, and it works both ways.  This kind of commitment is where the magic happens because it creates an attitude amongst the whole team of ‘what can we do to go above and beyond? How can we make this awesome for them?!’  We are fully invested in them as they are in us, and the results speak for themselves.”

Philippa on the importance of communicating.

Philippa“The Blue Monday team love to talk.  We also like to listen.  Our style is relaxed and friendly, whether we’re discussing event logistics, business strategy or sharing our weekend stories; it’s open, honest and enthusiastic.  Being an effective communicator is quite a skill.  There isn’t a straight forward formula to be the world’s best communicator – it takes sensitivity, thought, knowledge and awareness to be effective.  At Blue Monday we’re always striving to be the best we can at communicating.

There are practical things we do here at Blue Monday to help us communicate effectively.  We talk, we listen, we write things down.  It sounds simple, but when the team is scattered all over the country delivering events, simple can get tricky.  Being clear, listening hard, asking questions – these are all key elements which we might take for granted but when the going gets tough they become essential for us as a team.”