Chep’s Neon Christmas!

Christmas planning for 2019 is now well underway. So we wanted to reflect on last years’ sucesses and place a big neon spotlight on the boldest and brightest party of 2018! Blue Monday’s Alice headed up the organisation of Chep’s festive dinner and dance with a colourful twist. Sourcing the most fun and unique entertainment alongside a live glowing band, she worked with the client to ensure we met the brief and exceeded expectations.


To create the ultimate neon themed Christmas Party for logistics and supply chain solutions company, Chep.


Guests arriving at The Marriot Hotel Manchester on 7th December 2018 eagerly anticipated their work party of the year. The venue, dressed in neon lights and eccentric glowing table pieces, was the perfect backdrop for the event. An energetic DJ set with a twist, light-up band Illumiate! used their custom designed LED instruments to provide a captivating show and play party tunes throughout the evening. Alongside this lay the large neon-lit dancefloor, which guests didn’t need persuading to join!

Vibrant and alternative activities kept everyone entertained. Albeit posing for the photo mirror with neon painted faces and glow sticks, or tasting edible bubbles, we steered clear of boring!

Competitive personalities shone through when the neon beer pong came into play, the game was accompanied by glow-up tables and cups. Guests could also help themselves to sweets from the cute retro candy cart.

The glow-up dance floor and DJ coupled with the lively and fun activities ensured Chep’s Christmas party wasn’t one to forget!

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