Summer Party Season is Insight!

With summer finally approaching and Covid restrictions looking more like a thing of the past (fingers firmly crossed), we’re working on some awesome party ideas for up and coming celebrations! A favourite theme of a past party was A Summer Night In Italy! With the clients brief including good food an impressive bar and the

A Cricketers Worst Nightmare

Chep’s Neon Christmas!

The Greatest Birthday Party 2019

Event Spark – A Night In Hollywood

In-keeping with our ethos of supporting and giving something back to the local community, we have given our time to work with a group of hugely talented and passionate students from Farnborough Academy in Clifton to create their first event, from scratch. A Night in Hollywood! Starting late last year with a presentation to the

Beers with the England Boys 2018

This year’s Beers with the England Boys is going to be a little bit special and we only have a few tickets remaining! Hosted by Jim Hamilton, join us on Wednesday 25th April at the Jam House in Birmingham and once again revel in the company of past and present Rugby legends including; Neil Back,