The Blue Monday Concept Cave

If you’ve been to our offices in Nottingham before, you’ll have probably had a giggle at the little quirks that are lying around. It’s just one of the joys of working in events. There’s always random stuff left over that becomes part of the furniture. For example, as I type this, I’m staring at a bust of Darth Vadar. Who knows where he came from?!

We love our West Bridgford office and now we have been lucky enough to take over another floor in our building, which is very exciting! We’ve been able to tiptoe upstairs for meetings, make ourselves some more space in the main office and we’ve created a bit of an ideas zone up there! We have decided to call it the ‘Blue Monday Concept Cave’ and it’s where we’re going to spend our time conjuring up fabulous event ideas for our clients from now on.

We’ve already spent a lot of time up there throwing ideas around for a client’s birthday party. It’s a delightfully creative space that allows us to share our concepts freely. We can’t wait to use it more often!

If you are reading this and have an event coming up that you’d like our expert and friendly team to work on, just get in touch by calling
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