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5 Ways To Raise More Money At Your Charity Event

Thinking of putting on an event for a good cause? Or maybe you already have an annual event and you’d like to maximise the fundraising at the event? Either way we spend a lot of time at these charity dos and we see what truly works best. Below is a compiled list drawn up by Blue Monday’s experts to help you at your next event!

Tops and tails

Everybody loves a good game and this one can involve the whole room meaning no one feels left out and you get a donation from everybody in attendance! All you have to do is get people to put in a suggested donation to take part in playing and get them all to stand. The next bit is super easy! It’s just a classic game of heads and tails. Get your audience to choose whether they want to go for heads (by putting their hands on their heads) or tails (by putting their hands on their bums) and get your host to toss a coin. If it lands on heads, the people that guessed heads have to sit down and vice versa until just two people are left. Get those two people up to the front and have them stand back to back and play the game again until you get a winner. They get a prize and you get all the donations given in for your charity! Simple!


Ahh, the good old raffle. Easy and effective. The best thing to do to get prizes is to ask local businesses for donations – whether that’s physical items or things like vouchers and experiences. You’ll often find that businesses will be willing to help where they can so it’s definitely worth the ask. Then on the night all you will have to do is sell the raffle tickets to your crowd which shouldn’t be a hard sell at all. Just remember to have your prizes displayed at the event to constantly tempt the crowd.

Silent Auction

Now this really is an area of expertise that we can talk about! We’ve been doing Silent Auctions at charity events for 13 years and we were one of the pioneers of this unique way of raising money. All you’d need is a Silent Auction company (we know an excellent one that we can recommend…) and they will come in and do all the hard work. We provide the prizes and display them at the event, provide the bid sheets for your attendees to fill in and then collect in all the bids and payments. After everything is collected we then send you the money. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call!


Nope we’re not talking about the one that runs every Wednesday and Saturday, we’re talking about doing one of your own! All you’ll need is a raffle book and something to shove loads of money into for this one. Pick a cash prize figure based on what you think would be achievable from the crowd in attendance. For example if you choose £100 as the cash prize, have a room full of 200 people and the fee to enter the lottery was £5 you’d only need 20 people to enter to make sure it broke even. Based on what we’ve seen you’ll go above and beyond the break-even figure though and raise loads for your charity! Just go around collecting people’s donations and give them a raffle ticket to keep hold of, then at some point in the night pick a winner!

Donation envelopes

One of the quickest and most straightforward ways of raising cash is to simply leave envelopes on the tables, one for each person. The best way to bring them to everyone’s attention is to get your host to announce that there and then everyone has to get some money out and put it in the envelopes. Give them 30 secs or so to do it and then all that’s left to do is to go around and collect all the funds, of which there’ll be loads hopefully!

All of the above are things we’ve seen work a treat at charity events we work at and hopefully they can help you at your next event. If you think we can be of any more help either with a Silent Auction or anything else just give us a call on 03333 221 110 and we’ll be happy to help!